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Attention Businesses located in Midlothian!

17th May 2024

The Workforce Mobility Project funded by the Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal invites employers and educational institutions in Midlothian to participate in the current round of engagement. The purpose of this is to better understand the sustainable journeys available to individuals travelling to access work or education.

What do you need to do?

Reach out to us via Email or LinkedIn and let us know if you would like to participate.

Share anonymized employee postcode data in a template which will be provided.

Why take part?

You will receive an analysis of the journeys available to your employees/students traveling to and from your premises. Sustainable journeys include:

  • Bus/Train and other public transport
  • Walking, wheeling, and cycling

You can use this analysis for the following:

  • Develop and employee workplace travel plan (Free support via Travel Know How Scotland)
  • Implement a workplace parking levy
  • Adjust shift times to align with public transport schedules

Your participation in the engagement process positively contributes to the identification of key areas of travel demand which can help public transport operators plan and optimise routes.

Find Out More about the Project

The Workforce Mobility Project Website - https://esescityregiondeal.org.uk/workforce-mobilty

Digital Brochure - https://indd.adobe.com/view/120660ce-aaae-4627-9d10-75b79dc4293e

Download The Workforce Mobility Project brochure - pdf - WMP2024_A4 

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