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Growing your business

There’s nothing better than knowing your business is ready for its next stage of growth. Discover the information and resources you need expand your operations and grow your bottom line.

1. Hire more people

You’re on the fast track to growth, the ever-present challenge is finding the time to think through your organisational structure and skills needed to cope with the growth.  Scaling for growth often involves getting additional talent and resources into the business.

Two options for securing future talent are:

  • Hiring the right people into the right roles with the present and future state in mind
  • Taking on apprentices and trainees to “grow your own” talent pool

Member-only solutions:

  • Through the Bright Green Business, we can provide undergraduates to do business projects for short term placements and graduates to undertake full-time jobs at discounted rates.
  • Gain holistic business-wide training advice on how to access government funding for training, help with matching and recruitment of new staff, as well as ongoing coaching, mentoring and support of apprentices and trainees via Developing Young Workforce Programme, a government initiative backed by the Chamber. 

2. Ensure you remain compliant 

You and the team have worked hard to take the business to this next level of growth – don’t let compliance hiccups compromise your progress. With more people to manage, higher-risk contracts and an aggressive strategy for growth, it's vital to ensure that the business remains compliant. Navigate the complex web regulations that can trip you up with penalties and damage your reputation with the right advice and resources. 

Member-only solutions:

As an employer, the Chamber HR Services is your membership lifeline to expert advice on complying with workplace obligations which cover everything from pay rates to annual leave and superannuation. 

3. Upskill yourself and the team

Investing in personal and employee education is the wisest move any growing business can make. To manage the challenges of growth and remain agile to capture opportunities as they come, you need to empower your employees to make decisions quickly and adapt to conditions as they go. 

Member-only solutions: 

​Keep up to date with the latest developments in HR, workplace relations, and sales and marketing through our Business Growth Club events. Hear from industry leaders on what's happening that could impact your business. 

4. Explore new markets

At this stage of business lifecycle, exploring new markets overseas may be a natural next step, albeit a potentially risky one. You must be able to focus on the new strategy without neglecting the core business. Yet in trying to control everything, you may risk spreading your team resources too thin and lose everything. But if you hit the right mark, the rewards can be lucrative.

It only makes sense to leverage the experience of experts who live and breathe the complex export/international trade landscape before you embark on this path.

5. Find ways to grow sales

Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand. Review how your marketing activities are performing against the targeted sales return. Gaining new customers is as important as retaining existing ones. Competition for leads and customers is fierce. Marketing is no longer simply about marketing brochures, a website and a sales call.  

Today your arsenal should include thought-leadership content, product reviews, case studies, peer recommendations and social media presence. This way, you're creating multiple touch-points with the prospect during their search for a product or service they're looking for.  

This is a lot to take on - even in-house marketing teams need support. Leverage the expertise and experience of a specialist marketing agencies to help you achieve progress towards stronger sales via prospects and existing clients. 

Member-only solutions: 

  • Access the Marketing Advice Line to help you with advice in a quick call 
  • Review or create your entire marketing strategy - from your brand to digital marketing campaigns - with the support of our marketing consultancy at a preferential member rate with 5% off service fees.

6. Make the right connections

Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. The key outcomes of effective networking are establishing top of mind awareness, staying on top of current trends in your industry and connecting with key influencers.
By developing networks, you support your growth strategy by creating relationships that could lead to strategic alliances, joint ventures, a great supplier or referrals. Meeting the people at the events is just the first step. What you do to deepen the relevant relationships after the event will be what creates the opportunity. 
Member-only solutions: 
Gain access to great networks of peers and potential clients through the many networking events run by the Chamber.  Non-members are also welcome to attend. 
7. Access professional advice
In running your business, there are times when what you know can only take you so far. Taking the leap from self-reliance and research to seeking, and paying for, professional advice can be a big step for some. But, when you put on your business-lens, seeking the best specialist advice and support from an expert in law, accounting, taxes or marketing will be one of the smartest moves you make.  
Member-only solutions: 
  • Membership offers access to a whole range of professional services either included within a membership plan, at a preferential rate via our services division
  • Connect with other specialist members through the exclusive member-access Membership Directory


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