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Does your business have a toxic employee? Or perhaps worse... a toxic manager?

22nd November 2022

It’s often said that people don’t leave a job, they leave a manager. So just how confident are you in the abilities of your senior team to nurture and get the best out of their teams?
As the big boss, you’re ultimately responsible for rooting out toxic team members. Not only so that your existing employees don’t loathe and dread going into work every day, but so that your company doesn’t get a bad rep for poor leadership (we all know a business that tolerates toxic individuals, and none of us will be breaking our necks to interview for them any time soon).
Times are certainly changing, and people expect to share values with their employer, and work for a company that actively fosters a healthy culture. David Brent’s no longer cut it. Are you doing enough to understand the employee experience and create the workplace culture that gets talked about for the right reasons?
As a seasoned HR consultant, I’ve seen many a bad egg turn the whole basket bad. Trust me, you simply cannot afford to risk what you’ve worked so hard to build.
Managers play a vital role within a business! And I'll do a whole other post on that one. But where do you start when you suspect that a manager isn’t up to the mark, or isn't playing nicely?
You would start by picking up the phone, and getting in touch 📞. Helping business owners recognise and address poor leadership in their companies, pick great leaders in the first place, and sort complex situations out with minimal impact on their teams, reputations, and ability to function is what I do. I've been doing it for a long time now and I do it well.
It really is a sad, sorry state when toxic behaviour is tolerated, so let's weed it out together. As a business owner, being proactive is vital. If you’ve got any concerns at all, don’t sit on them. Work with me to fix them and grow your business through having the right people on board.

HR Staple - by Jaclyn Pringle

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