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Member to member offer

Great offers for businesses and individuals


We would like to present a member to member offer which businesses and individuals within the chamber are welcome to take advantage of:

  • Preferential rates on transfers - saving up to 4% of the transfer value.
  • No payment fees - saving up to £35.00 per payment.
  • Free Foreign Exchange strategy review  - a free consultation to identify FX risk within your business and bespoke hedging solutions to mitigate that risk.


For more information about this member offer, please contact 

Nick Blurton

Account Executive, Scotland & Northern Ireland

Corporate Foreign Exchange


Office: 0131 322 6558

Dealing Desk: 0207 823 7800

Team email: ScotlandFX@moneycorp.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nicholas-blurton/

For more information about this member offer, please contact the member directly on 0131 322 6558/ 0207 823 7800 or email them directly on Nicholas.Blurton@moneycorp.com

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