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5th July 2018

It’s probably no shock to you that gas and electricity prices are going up, it’s all over the news.

But while you’re worrying about your household bills, you may be forgetting all about your business utility contracts.

So what? Your business energy contract doesn’t end for another year, you’ll worry about it when the time comes? Or, you really don’t have time to sort out your gas and electricity contracts right now? Big mistake! Our market experts and our energy supply partners have predicted that prices will continue to rise for a minimum of two years with a 15% rise in your electricity bill and a huge 20% increase in your gas price.

Scary, we know. Luckily for you Chamber Energy Solutions has got your back. We’ll sort it so you don’t have to, and our advice: Get a fixed deal now.

Fixed tariffs lock in your prices for the lifetime of your contract. So, if you agree to pay a rate for one year, your prices won’t change within that year regardless of whether or not energy prices increase further.

We advise switching to at least a 2 year fixed contract – just imagine if you could have fixed your petrol prices 2 years ago, you’d be saving over 27p a litre now!*

Remember though, your bill will still depend on the amount of energy you’ve used, you’ll just be paying a set amount per unit of energy. Simple really.

So why are prices going up? Truth is, there are a number of reasons behind the rise. Suppliers and Ofgem are putting it down to increasing wholesale costs which are partly due to the heavy maintenance work in Norway which continues to tighten supply and has left the gas system under-supplied.

Political unrest has also played a part and because we live in the UK and have typically British weather, we used up a lot of the reserved energy during the last cold snap, which also limited the amount of renewable energy available.

It sucks, we know. But, there’s a simple solution to the problem. A fixed rate tariff will protect you from the predicted future price rises even if your supplier increases prices. You’ll have cost security and deals from Utilitywise may even be cheaper than what you’re paying today – if you act now.

So, give us a call on 0333 000 0132 or click here, fix now and get peace of mind that price rises won’t affect your business. It’s a no brainer really. 

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