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Lothian introduce improvements for customers

29th June 2018

Lothian announced service improvements and new connections across its network as Leith Street prepares to re-open.  

From Sunday 29 July, a number of changes will be introduced to its network in line with the re-opening of Leith Street and to combat the effect increasing congestion and slowing road speeds across the city continues to have on its services and reliability.  

Lothian’s Airport Services will be boosted with the launch of the new Service 400, connecting Edinburgh Airport with Fort Kinnaird via Oxgangs, Colinton and the Gyle, introducing vital links for customers from the south east and south west of the city directly to the airport. Service 300 will also be rerouted to now serve Cameron Toll, linking air travellers with hotels and guest houses in the Southside of the city. 

The company will also enhance its student offering with the introduction of the new Service 35 between Ocean Terminal and Riccarton Campus, complimenting services 25 and 34 and increasing the number of buses serving the Napier University Campus at Sighthill and Heriot Watt University at Riccarton Campus. 

As part of the regeneration of South East Edinburgh and the ongoing retail development and expansion at Fort Kinnaird, the company is improving  Service 30 with enhanced frequency on evening journeys and Saturday daytime journeys creating additional transport opportunities for customers to and from the retail park. 

After it’s withdrawal some nine years ago, Lothian will also re-introduce the historic Service 29 link to Silverknowes Promenade following requests from local businesses and significant investment by City of Edinburgh Council into the redevelopment of this stunning area. 

Nigel Serafini, Commercial Director, said: “Ahead of the reopening of Leith Street and with congestion in the city continuing to cause daily challenges, our commercial team have taken the opportunity to review our network, building on the changes introduced in February this year. These improvements incorporate feedback from our customers, local community councils and stakeholders and have been made to benefit our customers and the communities we serve. 

“As Edinburgh Airport continues to expand and customer demand on our Airport Services continues to grow, it is important that Lothian recognise this and support the necessity for direct, reliable, value for money services to various key locations in Edinburgh. The introduction of our new Skylink 400 service and the route alteration to our Skylink 300 service will boost our existing Airport offering and better connect residents and visitors with our city.” 

Services returning to Leith Street are 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 14, 19, 22, 25, 34, 45, 49, N7, N11, N16, N22, N25, N26, N34 and N44. 

Main changes include: 

Service 18 / 400

This service will be re-numbered from 18 to 400 and will extend from Gyle Centre via RBS Gogarburn and Ingliston P&R to Edinburgh Airport.  Buses will omit RBS Gogarburn on Saturdays & Sundays.  Revised timetable introduced with earlier morning journeys at weekends and later evening journeys on all days of the week.

Service 19

Revised timetable.  Monday to Friday daytime frequency increased from every 20-mins to every 15-minutes.  Sunday service will now be operated by double deck vehicles to increase capacity. 

Service 21

Revised Monday to Friday afternoon peak timetable, with minor changes to the morning peak timetable. 

Services 22

Revised timetable with minor frequency reductions on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and in the early evenings on all days of the week. 

Service 29

Route extended to and from Silverknowes Promenade with some minor timetable changes as a result.  

Service 30

Revised timetable: the Saturday daytime frequency increased from every 12-mins to every 10-mins.  The evening service is increased from every 20-mins to every 15-mins on all days of the week.  The Monday to Friday morning journeys which currently commences from Whitecraig will now commence from Musselburgh Grammar School. 

Service 31

Revised timetable introduced with an improved peak frequency on Mondays to Fridays to and from Bonnyrigg in order to increase capacity.  A new later evening journey will be introduced to and from Polton Mill on Mondays to Saturdays.      

Service X31

Revised timetable with additional time added to morning journeys in order to improve reliability.  New earlier morning journey from Rosewell and later evening journey to Rosewell introduced after requests from the local Community Council. 

Service 34

Revised timetable introduced with Monday to Friday daytime frequency reduced from every 12-mins to every 15-mins.  

Service 35

NEW service between Ocean Terminal and Riccarton, covering the current route of Skylink 300 from Ocean Terminal to Sighthill Colleges (omitting Asda Chesser), then extending via Hermiston P&R to Riccarton Campus.  The daytime frequency will be every 15-mins Mon – Sat and every 30-mins in the evening and on Sundays.  

Services 36

Service extended on Mondays to Saturdays to operate slightly later into the evening.  On Sundays, the service will commence earlier in the morning and operate later into the evening.   

Service 37

Additional morning peak journey introduced from Roslin to Silverknowes to increase capacity.   

Service 43

Route extended from Sommerville Gardens to the new terminus at Scotstoun.  Revised timetable introduced on Sundays, with all journeys now operating via Ferrymuir Retail Park. 

Service X44

Additional Monday to Friday afternoon peak journey introduced from Haymarket to Tranent to provide additional capacity.


Service 47

Additional afternoon peak journey introduced from Granton to Penicuik to increase capacity.   

Service 200

Revised route with buses now serving Ingliston P&R.  Minor timetable changes as a result. 

Service 300

Revised route & timetable introduced.  At South Gyle, the route will now operate via Edinburgh Park then direct via South Gyle Broadway, no longer serving South Gyle Crescent.  At Chesser Avenue, the route will now omit Asda/Corn Exchange to reduce journey times and improve reliability.  From Forrest Road, the route will extend to Cameron Toll (Lady Road), operating via Nicolson Square then direct via South Clerk Street and Minto Street.  The daytime frequency on Mondays to Fridays will be reduced to every 20-mins with the Saturday, Sunday and evening frequency maintained at every 30-mins.  

Service 63

Route extended from Sommerville Gardens to the new terminus at Scotstoun.  No change to timetable. 

For more information visit www.lothianbuses.com, search Lothian Buses on Facebook or search on_lothianbuses on twitter. 


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