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ANC - Active Noise Control

31st August 2020

None of us are flying much at the moment, but a tip from the last flight I took paid dividends in cancelling out noise.

Anything to make a flight more enjoyable and feeling as refreshed as possible at the end of the trip is welcome news.

The acronym ANC is worth knowing. It stands for Active Noise Control and you can find it on some headphones.

I bought a pair of over ear headphones with the noise cancelling control. If you are listening to music or watching a film it makes a difference worth having. Even when I wasn’t using any media I had the noise cancelling on, so it drowned out a lot of the normal engine/airplane noise. Having a nap or reading a book was more peaceful too.

Calming the noise of life or noise in business may help us to focus more and get things done.

Suggestions to help:

  • Reduce using devices and social media – this is one I will need to practice as well as preach. Anyone with hints and tips, feel free to join in the conversation – John Wilkinson, Mycos will reach me on Linkedin. It’s the obsession with social media that is hard to overcome. Perhaps the phone should be turned off or muted and placed in a drawer.
  • Prioritising – What are the meaningful tasks you need to do, is there a clear sense of what needs to be done. Perhaps only having one task on your desk at one time.
  • Demands – A quote from an earlier blog entitled “Its getting silly” was this:

Warren Buffett, the great investor said the following “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything”.

  • Along with social media, finding a way to simplify your life seems so hard to achieve. This may need you to be part of a small tribe with others joining in the same conversation for support and morale.

More power to you as you pursue a life less frantic, more productive and more peaceful


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